How to Hide Orders on Amazon from Family Friends Etc. [Private]

How to Hide Orders on Amazon from Family Friends Etc. [Private]

How to hide orders on Amazon

Maybe, you need to hide orders on Amazon from someone you want to surprise. Or you just don’t want anyone to know your purchased items.

And if you’re in a home where a single Amazon account is shared by family members, hiding your Amazon history will be worth it. So, if you’re hiding the spoilers for gifts you purchase for loved ones, this publication takes you through steps to keep your Amazon activity hidden and even have Amazon deliver your items to an address different from your home.

You can hide your orders on Amazon in the following ways:

1. Disable Echo notification

Do you have an Echo device? Well, Alexa will say your package delivery updates, so you want to shut it up. Alexa loudly announces deliveries, which ruins the surprises you have for family members or other recipients.

Fortunately, you can disable the Echo notification to quiet your surprise gift orders. Do the following in your Alexa app:

  • Open Alexa on your device
  • Tap More
  • Tap Settings
  • Choose Notifications
  • Select Amazon Shopping
  • Finally, unmark the box labeled For items in delivery updates under Let Alexa say or show titles for items you’ve ordered section—Amazon.

2. Archive Amazon orders

Do you share the same Amazon account with your family members? This can stop you from quieting the Amazon order. But you can archive orders to hide gift purchases from your order history. Amazon archive is primarily designed to hide items you don’t want to reference or reveal to anyone.

You can archive orders that you’re no longer interested in referencing or stop the order from showing in the default order history view. To archive an order on Amazon, do the following:

  • Navigate to Your Orders
  • Find the order or item to archive and select Archive order

Amazon will remove the archived order from the default order history view. Note that your archived orders aren’t deleted or removed from the search. To view the order, just navigate to “View Archived Orders”.

If you must restore orders from the archive, just click Unarchive Order.

3. Ship to an Amazon Hub Locker

Instead of shipping to your home address, consider Amazon Hub Locker to prevent that big Amazon box at your front door screaming “I’m your gift” to the person you’re hiding it from.

You can locate an Amazon Hub Locker via You can search by address, zip code, or landmark to see available locations.

When the address is in your address book, select it as your shipping address. Just select Ship to this address during checkout. However, the ordered item must be eligible for delivery to an Amazon locker. Otherwise, this method is not for you.

Meanwhile, Amazon Hub Locker can be added to your address book when you scan the QR code via the Hub Locker. If you enter a locker manually, Amazon will not recognize your order, so it won’t be delivered to the location.

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4. Clear your browsing history

Try removing your gift items from your browsing history to block family members from viewing your purchases on Amazon. Do this by:

  • Navigate to Account & Lists
  • Click Your account
  • Click Browsing History
  • Tap Remove from view to clear items you looked at

To hide all your searches on Amazon, just disable the browsing history for your account. Do the following:

  • Click Manage history
  • Enable Turn off browsing history

5. Clear items in recommendations

The Amazon Recommended List can reveal your purchases, so you want to clear this to hide your Amazon purchase. Note that this feature is an automated Amazon algorithm that recommends what it thinks you’d like. Usually, the recommendation is determined by other things you’ve browsed, added to the cart, or purchased.

To exclude recommendations of certain purchases, go to your Amazon’s Improve Your Recommendations, find the item to exclude, and click I prefer not to use this for recommendations.

6. Use Amazon Key

You can have Amazon deliver to your specific home areas in your address, including:

  • your garage
  • behind your gate
  • your car trunk, etc.

Perhaps, you’re worried about your privacy and security. Amazon has this covered and they run comprehensive background checks on the specific Amazon drivers before their first delivery. Amazon also verifies the driver, package, and package location using multi-step authentication before giving the driver one-time access to your garage.

After you’ve successfully hidden your Amazon order, you change your settings back to doorstep delivery and block garage access again.

7. Receive orders at another address

Instead of shipping to your home address, instruct Amazon to ship to a different address. Set this up via the Manage Addresses and 1-Click Settings in Your Account.

Now, add details about the address and confirm your credit card (this is necessary for security protection). Your delivery address will then be updated, and Amazon will ship the item to the new location which you can pick up later to surprise your family member.


Above are the various ways to hide orders from Amazon and make that surprise turn out the way you want. You might as well consider clearing your mobile browser data if your partner, friend, or a family member has access to your browser and may need to check your history. Good luck!

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